Offline Marketing - 10 Simple Steps

Online Marketing is great but don't neglect the basics of offline marketing:-

  1. Corporate Literature and Brochures

    On business cards, letterhead, envelopes, faxes, invoices, marketing material and every other piece of paper you produce - display your website address, as well as any relevant  email addresses.
  2. Promotional Items/Freebies

    People love to receive gifts. Promotional material offers an inexpensive way to promote your company’s website while reinforcing your brand through various items such as pens, coffee mugs, usb keys. An added benefit is that you are in front of your customers each time they use one of your promotional products.
  3. Company Uniforms and Clothing

    Wether its a Free T-shirt or the company uniform promote your company’s web address on what is Free Ad space.
  4. Advertising

    Advertising can be as simple as a yellow pages ad in your local phone book or as extensive as radio and television. Each of these venues provides an excellent opportunity to broadcast your website to your target market. We still see clients with adverts on air or in print that don't mention the website.
  5. Signage

    If you provide a service with on site signage opportunities, such as an architect or builder, make sure to place your website address in large letters on your signage. This is an excellent way to have potential customers see the type of work that you do, become interested, and then visit your website to learn more.
  6. Word of Mouth

    Probably one the most underestimated types of promotion for your business is through word of mouth. Make sure to talk about your business and website with friends, family and customers as much as possible.
    Existing customers, referrals and testimonials are a great way to develop your business.
  7. Articles

    Authoring articles provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field to potential customers while giving you a free plug for your business. Include your website address in the “About the author” text found at the end of the article.
  8. Press Releases

    Does your business send out press releases? If so, your website address should be included in the “About Your Company” paragraph that accompanies each article for potential customers as well as a resource for the media.
  9. Your Products and Services

    Include your web address on your product.
  10. Run a class or seminar

    Start a class on your websites topicr. This can get you wide exposure with your community and even if they are not directly interested in your website they will talk to others about your class and website. This gives you a lot of free exposure.

Successfully promoting your business website should include a mix of online and offline promotions to ensure you are reaching the full potential of your target market.

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