Marketing Your Website - Email Marketing

Building a list of email addresses is a relatively cheap method of getting your product/ service in front of your target audience.

Writing a marketing email

The subject line: Give the email’s subject line as much consideration as the email itself. It is the first thing people will see and it can make the difference between the email being opened or deleted straight away.


  • Use your company’s name in the title
  • Communicate a benefit/ promotion (e.g. “25% off football boots”)
  • Be descriptive so they know what is in the email


  • Pretend the email is about something else (e.g. “You are a winner”)
  • Use a false sense of urgency (“Important email!”)
  • Use punctuation such as ! or £, they are used by ISPs to identify spam

Be Aware:

  • Many email programs including Microsoft's Outlook generate emails, but they are not always easily read by your audience. Check with your web designer about creating properly formatted email newsletters.

The body of your email: The main point is keep the content as short and to the point as possible, no one will read an essay.

If you are using a one off promotional mail shot, use one promotion/offer per email with a clear 'call to action' to avoid confusing the reader and making it clear what they need to do next.

If you are sending out a newsletter, make sure it is also provides interesting/useful content and not just dry company information.

Competitions are a great way to encourage interaction.

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