How to Write effective Web Pages

How to write Effective Web Pages

Content is King

Carefully consider that each page on your website is an opportunity to capture or lose your audience. Too much text is difficult to read on a screen, visitors to a website tend to scan the screen and then decide to read. 

Use Clear Headings and Titles

Visitors decide whether to invest time reading your content after scanning the page. Keep headings concise, clear and pertinent.

End at the Beginning

Visitors to your website are impatient. Clearly indicate what the page is about in the first few lines.

Create a Strong Introduction

Create a strong introduction which summarises what the page is about.  This will determine if the visitor will read on.

Use Lists

Lists or bullet points are easier to read on a screen, than scanning left-to-right.  Keep them short and clear.

Write Clearly

The rule here is do not be wordy.  Keep things clear, but brief.  Make simple, succinct points.  Try to keep one idea per paragraph and remember this is not print - attention spans are shorter

Content Must be Relative to your  Audience

Know your audience, communicate with them, not at them. Play to people's and don't use technical words, unless you really have to, or you have a technical audience.

Don't assume your readers have been to certain pages of your website before others. With a growing dependence on search engines, visitors often arrive at a website two tiers down from the home page. Consider the visitor's point of view: If I knew nothing about this company or website, would I understand this page?

Specify Links with Style and Language

Links are another way visitors can scan your web pages as they stand out from normal text – or at least they should. Make sure your links differ in colour or style from other text on your website.

When creating a link, avoid the phrase 'click here' - use a meaningful phrase.


The best method to proof read is to read your content out loud.


The Client's View

We can update our website, easily and quickly while on the road.

Paul Tasker (Doghouse Roses)

Scoosh Quick Tips

#7 Google Webmaster Tools

Verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools to learn about issues on your site which might affect search engine listing.

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