Online Marketing - Tips on creating a Call to Action

The following are some simple tips on creating Calls to Action on your website which we feel is the only true way to a successful website.

  1. Create a proposition

    Essentially you are creating a problem and offering a solution. Draw your potential customer in with a solution to his/her problem.
  2. Offer something

    A discount,free gift,download or product.
  3. Keep your Call to Action Simple

    Don't confuse. Less is more. Focus on creating a simple to understand message and make it easy to complete.
  4. Not too many

    By all means have more than one call to action, but not too many.  Keep it simple - don't want 'options paralysis.
  5. Use active urgent language

    Like the heartbeats you hear or quickening music that is used on shopping channels, use urgent language to encourage a decision:-
    Buy Now
    Register Today
    But before X date and get Y
    Subscribe Now
    Offers expires soon - buy now
    For a short time only

  6. Position your call to action

    Position your call to action clearly and use plenty of clear or white space,
  7. Have a call to action on every page

    If your website visitor reaches a dead-end they may leave without responding to your call.
  8. Make sure you deliver

    It is absolutely essential that you deliver on the call to action.

It is worth spending time thinking through your Call to Action and work on simplifying it as much as you can.

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