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Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that allows you to track visitors activity on your website. It is free to use, but you may need a web designer or someone with technical knowledge to install it (But it is worth it).

What can I use Google Analytics for?

Quite simply, if you have a website and are not measuring its performance, you really ought to ask yourself why.

Google Analytics will provide you with all manner of statistic on the activity on your website.

Do you know how many visitors come to your site each day?

If so, how many of those visitors are new and which ones have visited before?

What are those visitors doing on your site?

Are they leaving within seconds or are they converting into customers?

Do they start the buying process – but maybe not finish it?

Which towns or cities visit your website?

Which pages are popular and which are not?

By installing Google Analytics on your website, you can find out how people found your site and gain insight on how to improve it.

Google gives some great answers to the question – Why should I use Google Analytics – on its website.

Google Analytics is also free.