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What do I want from my website?

We can help you focus on your goals

Grow my business online

We can spend so much time working day to day in our business, it is easy to forget the longer term and what our goals are.

The same can be said for your website.

It is more than just a ‘brochure’ or a ‘shop window’. If done correctly, it can form a fundamental part of your business armoury and of growing your business.

Where to start

With so much to get through it can be hard to decide where to start.

Before rushing into a design, it is good to think about what you want your website to achieve for your business.

Scoosh is more than just a ‘Web Design Company’, our experience also covers Business Development, Sales and Marketing, both in the UK and Internationally.

We work for a variety of clients to understand their business first and develop their web presence second.

We believe that only by understanding your business can we help increase your bottom line.

It is important before any investment is made in web design or development that we have a clear understanding of your business goals.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Increase in Revenue
  • Generate Sales leads
  • Win new clients
  • Advertising or promotion of your product and services
  • Brand Awareness
  • New Business Partners
  • (all of the above!)

It’s not just about Sales

Your website can be used for many purposes. CRM (Customer Relationship Management), After Sales Care, Help Desks and Intranets are some examples of website tools that can increase your business efficiency.

If you have a business process from Quoting to Fulfillment, Bookings and Reservations, Human Resource Management Sales Chanel Development – you can probably do it online, quicker and for less cost.

The right website for your business

Whatever your goal is, it remains paramount as we build and launch your website.

Scoosh create all types of websites from simple ‘brochure-style’ marketing websites to Content Managed Websites to Online shops, Newspapers/Magazines, Clubs  and Social Networks.

Our goal is to ensure that your investment in your website provides a return.

But I have an existing website?

Scoosh is more than just a ‘web design company’.  In fact, Web Design is a small part of our business and the work we do for our clients.

We help clients grow and develop their business presence online with one aim in mind – to grow their business and increase sales and profits.  We can take your existing website presence and grow it.

We can advise and assist you in a wide variety of methods to help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

Grow your business