Google Search Console replaces Google Webmaster Tools

Google is changing the name of ‘Webmaster Tools’ to ‘Search Console’

The main reason for this rebranding is that ‘Webmaster Tools’ no longer reflects the type of people who use ‘Webmaster Tools’

The term ‘Web Master’ is dated (how may people use anymore?) and the descriptions of the real users of Webmaster Tools is more varied than ever.

  • Hobbyists
  • SEO Experts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Programmers
  • Web Designers
  • Ecommerce website owners
  • Google Ads users

The new name ‘Google Search Console’ is as Google says ‘to make sure that our product includes everyone who cares about Search’

The change will roll out in the coming weeks and although ‘just’ a re-branding it reflects the wide user base of the product and will no doubt help it reach a wider audience.

Find out more by reading the original Google blog post.

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