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Your website is your main opportunity to engage, persuade and educate your target audience!

Your website is usually the first point of contact that a potential new customer or client will choose. Your website represents who you are and what your business stands for.

First Impressions Count

When a visitor arrives on your site, you need to give them the right impression. You have their attention (very briefly) and you need to capitalise on this.

We need to be Engaging

We need to be instantly engaging. But how is this done?

We need a goal or objective for ‘engagement’ . This usually takes the form of the question – ‘what is the purpose of the website. Sales, leads, providing information, quotes, customer service, it may be one or many but, we need to know the objective.

Only by having a goal can we then measure its success. The goal is not just hits, we need visitors that add value to our organisation – wee need ‘engaged visitors’ .

What are our Calls to Action?

So, with these objectives in mind, we need to do some content planning – to have a content strategy – what’s the ‘call to action’ that you want your visitor to hear?

How do we get them there?

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of developing a website and building the content to appeal to your peers and managers within your company when the focus should by your real audience – your customers and prospects – and in order to develop a website and content strategy that works for them, you need a detailed understanding of their requirements.

What do our Customers want?

To gain this understanding you need to gather and learn from the information that’s available about your audience. You need an overall view of your customers, built up from such information sources as the search terms they use to find you, the way that people talk about you on social media, the pages they visit before they visit your website – you need to think like a customer.

Persistent Engagement

A persistent engagement is not just another word for “stickiness” – remember our objective is not necessarily to just attract and retain lots of visitors – its about engaging your visitors to your site and therefore turning them into customers.