Paid Search, sometimes referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of internet marketing whereby you – the advertiser – pays a fee each time one of your ads is clicked and the visitor is directed to your website.

The add appears in the search engine beside ‘natural listings’.

It is a method of buying visits to a website.

The most popular PPC programme is Google Adwords

What are the benefits of PPC?

  • You can be seen by customers when they search for a specific product or service that you supply.
  • It can help generate business and sales in a very targeted way.
  • If you own a shop or business you can target local customers, who are more likely to visit.
  • You can set your own budget (e.g. £20.00 or £30.00 per day)
  • No visit, no Fee. You only pay if someone clicks through to your website or calls you.
  • You will get very specific reports that allow you to monitor which ads perform better than others.
  • You can start and stop a campaign whenever you like e.g. in the run up to an event or a sales promotion.
  • It works on multiple devices.  You can can reach your customers whether they are on SmartPhone, Tablet or PC

Find out more about Pay Per Click

The best way to find out more about pay per click is to try it out.

Contact us today and we will send you a free voucher – whatever your spend on Google ads in month one, Google will match in month two (up to £90.00)