Great ideas to help promote your business on Twitter

Reply to others

Become an expert in your field and provide information that is useful. Potential customers will recognise this and are more likely to do business with you.

Remember you are a real person

Post under your real name and the company’s.  People respond to people rather than faceless companies.  It is OK to post about non-business related items but don’t get too personal.

Raise questions and highlight issues in your field

This will encourage some interaction between you and your community

Tweet on the go

You do not have to be in the office.  There are applications that allow you to update your page from your iPhone or Blackberry or any Smartphone, Tablet or iPad.

Don’t promote your business too much

If you just post links to your site and don’t say anything useful, or interesting – it really is just the equivalent of spam.  Plus you won’t build a community.

Save Time

Set up a Feed from your Twitter Account to automatically update your website.

You will be judged on the company you keep

Be choosy about who you follow and who follows you.

Consider Multiple Twitter Feeds

Why stick to one Twitter Account.  If you have a business with different niches then create a community around them.

Make your business easy to follow

It is easy to create  a ‘Follow Me’ badge.  Add it to your website, business cards and email signatures.

It’s behind you

Its very easy to update your Twitter Account background.  Why not add a promotion or useful information about your business.

Add A Twitter Banner your website

Adding a ‘follow me’ Twitter banner can help you attract more visitors.  Add it your contact page on your website.
Potential customers will contact you by their preferred choice and many user Twitter.

Add your Twitter username to your business cards

Add your Twitter username (e.g. @scoosh) to your business cards and all marketing collaterals (e.g. Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures, Posters).  In fact if you add it to your blogs, emails and any communications you will help spread the word.

Use Hashtags

The # symbol, called a ‘hashtag, is used to mark keywords in a ‘Tweet’.  People use them before a relevant phrase in their Tweet to help categorise them and make it easier for their tweet to be found in a Twitter Search.

You can add a hashtag anywhere in a Tweet.  If a word or phrase has been ‘hashtagged’ by many – it may appear in ‘Trending Topics’.

Add your Twitter details to your email signatures

Don’t forget to add your Twitter link to the bottom of email signatures to make it easier for people to follow you.

Don’t use all 140 Characters

If you keep your Tweets short it allows others to Retweet or ‘RT’ the message and add a comment or to give you some credit.

Thank the people that help you out

And don’t forget to mention them too.

Don’t forget to stop and say hello @scoosh