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What is Google Ads?

Powerful online advertising tool

Google’s powerful online advertising tool can help you reach new customers who are searching for products or services like yours.

Grow sales and maximise return on investment by targeting your ads to a relevant audience on search engines, websites and mobile devices.

The following video explains this simple, but powerful tool.

Google Adwords Video

Get Started with a FREE Google Adwords Voucher from Scoosh

With help from Scoosh you can advertise your website on Google with up to £75.00 of Google AdWords credit!

Setting up an Adwords Account is easy

Setting up your account is easy. You can quickly start to see your adverts online. Google Adwords allow you to get new, targeted visitors to your website.

When you spend £25.00 in your first month, with Google Adwords, Google will automatically credit your account with an extra £75.00.

Google Adwords is also known as PPC or Pay Per Click

Every day, millions of people type keywords into search engines to find the products and services they’re looking for and you offer. Google Adwords is known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and it lets you display your products prominently in their search results, so your website and products get seen by the people who ask to see them.

Whether you just want to just test the waters or set up a long-term advertising campaign, a Google Adwords voucher from Scoosh can help you start the journey to an increase in your website traffic and sales.

What are the benefit of Google Adwords Advertising?

  • You control where your ad is showing, by country, by region, by town.
  • There are no minimum spending requirements on Google Adwords.
  • You will only pay Google when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

How does Google Ads Work?

1. Create your ads

Write short text ads and add keywords associated with your product or business, e.g. ‘web hosting’, ‘flowers uk’, ‘cheap car insurance’.

2. Set your preferred cost

Enter the amount you’re willing to pay per click (your ad position will depend on keyword competitiveness and several other factors such as the quality of your landing page).

3. Your ads appear on Google

When people search with Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience already interested in your business.

4. Visitors click your ads

As your ads will appear close to the top of the page, they are likely to draw more visitor interest. As such, Google searchers can find you easily and click through to your website to see what you have on offer.

  • Google is the biggest search engine in the world
    Your ads could be viewed by hundreds of millions.
  • Industry-leading platform
    Designed and managed by world web experts, AdWords is continually being updated and refined.
  • Comprehensive Statistics
    Look at the finer details of your adverts so you can refine and improve them.
  • Geographic Targeting
    Choose which countries and regions see your ads.
  • Control your budget
    You decide the prices of your ads, and you’re not tied into a long-term commitment.
  • Targeted reach
    You get interested leads: visitors who are ready to buy.
  • Great for A/B testing
    Experiment with two versions of the same ad to see which is more successful.

The Legal Bit

  1. This offer is open to new Google AdWords customers only.
  2. Voucher Codes are valid for one month.
  3. One promotional code per customer. Vouchers can be redeemed at http://google.co.uk/adwords.
  4. Offer subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the programme standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered.
  5. Promotional credit must be used within three months of activation, and advertisers will be charged for any advertising that exceeds the promotional credit.
  6. Scoosh the right to amend or withdraw this offer without prior notice for any reason deemed appropriate.