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WordPress is a software platform used to build many millions of websites around the world.

It initially began life as a blogging platform (and is still used by many bloggers e.g. Ebay, The UK Cabinet Office, Snoop Dog)  but has grown and is now used to build everything from simple websites to large scale websites that deal with millions of visitors.

WordPress can power everything from simple starter websites to large complex websites for many different types of organisations.

Examples of websites that use WordPress

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Use WordPressScottish Referendum Website

Scottish Referendum Website is on WordPressMarks and Spencers for Business

Marks and Spencers on WordPressSpectator Magazine

Spectator Magazine on WordPress

What types of website can I build with WordPress?

WordPress is very flexible and can be used for practically any type of website

WordPress can be extended for practically any purpose.

A great feature of WordPress and why it has grown and become so popular, is the ability to design a theme for it and add plugins which extends it’s functionality.